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The idea that became reality


CEO Staffan Sahlén started his first company, Sahlén-Projekt AB, in the early 1990s, and has subsequently started a number of design companies based in Sweden, Germany and the USA.

In the early 2000s, Staffan learned about the concept of dry-erase and whiteboard products, which were new to the market and in-demand given that they filled a unique and emerging need. With an understanding of the product’s possibilities, Staffan founded Wallrite AB in 2002, just as many companies realized their need to work in flexible formats and spaces that required large wall surfaces on which to write. Customers demand grew, and Wallrite had the great pleasure of providing its products at video game development companies and music streaming services, to name a few. In 2010, the time came to transform the company, which was thus renamed Wallrite Scandinavia AB

Staffan - CEO på Wallrite
Använd wallrite whiteboardtapet i skolan


Thanks to loyal customers, our premier product (Wallrite Dry Erase) is now the whiteboard market's most flexible and environmentally friendly product. We can proudly lay claim to having the widest range of whiteboard products on the market, which cover everything from the simplest writing surfaces to the market's most advanced digital whiteboard walls.

In 2016, Wallrite Germany was formed, followed quickly in 2019 by Wallrite Co LLC, with offices  and a showroom in Washington DC. Wallrite will continue to grow and evolve in the future, in line with the innovative nature of our products. 


Wallrite represents the most creative, unique, and dynamic whiteboard concept on the market. We are constantly expanding our market and our customers come from more and more countries both in Europe and the world. We have exciting development projects in Germany, Turkey, Jordan and the United States. The Interactive Walls we believe are the future for our customers.

Wallrite tillverkar och levererar miljögodkända whiteboardväggar
Staffan Sahlén - CEO på Wallrite

Staffan Sahlén

Anton Wallin

Anton Wallin

Installation service

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Susanne Borin

Susanne Borin

CEO Wallrite GBR Germany

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About Whiteboard on Roll

We know

Whiteboard is a great tool for information sharing. It is easy to use and has become the creative hub around the office. It is essential when collaborating, sharing knowledge, and communicating and generate new ideas.

We enlarge

In order to enhance the user’s experience, we made the whiteboard more flexible and enlarged the surface. Based on our passion for shaping creative rooms, we started developing new kinds of whiteboard walls, including both interactive and analog.

We develope

Regardless of the situation, be it a creative workshop at Mercedes, Orange or Skanska. A design meeting at IKEA or White Architects, a scrum meeting by Spotify or King. Maybe the weekly pulse meeting at Ericsson or SKF – the expanded space of the Wallrite surface has generated new and even greater creative possibilities for our clients.

We care

Our Environment and our Planet is more than ever important to take care of. Our concept is therefore sustainable in order to minimize our footprint in nature.

Some of our customers

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