About Wallrite


CEO Staffan Sahlén was during the 90s running a successful interior design, project managing, and business relocation company. In the beginning of 2000 Staffan came across a soft whiteboard-surface. This surface was so much easier to use, install and transport. When he had the opportunity to market soft whiteboard surfaces in Scandinavia and the Baltics he took the chance. Wallrite was founded by Staffan Sahlén in 2003. 


Wallrite easily cover walls from floor to ceiling and corner to corner with soft whiteboard surfaces today. We collaborate with interior architects designing  all kinds of creative spaces for enterprise, research and development, schools and universities.


Wallrite represents the most creative, unique, and dynamic whiteboard concept on the market. We are constantly expanding our market and our customers come from more and more countries both in Europe and the world. We have exciting development projects in Germany, Turkey, Jordan and the United States. The Interactive Walls we believe are the future for our customers.

About The Whiteboard Specialist

We know

Whiteboard is a great tool for information sharing. It is easy to use and has become the creative hub around the office. It is essential when collaborating, sharing knowledge, and communicating and generate new ideas.

We enlarge

In order to enhance the user’s experience, we made the whiteboard more flexible and enlarged the surface. Based on our passion for shaping creative rooms, we started developing new kinds of whiteboard walls, including both interactive and analog.

We develope

Regardless of the situation, be it a creative workshop at Mercedes, Orange or Skanska. A design meeting at IKEA or White Architects, a scrum meeting by Spotify or King. Maybe the weekly pulse meeting at Ericsson or SKF – the expanded space of the Wallrite surface has generated new and even greater creative possibilities for our clients.

We care

Our Environment and our Planet is more than ever important to take care of. Our concept is therefore sustainable in order to minimize our footprint in nature.

I believe the key to success in all things is knowledge-management and collaboration. At Wallrite, we are constantly improving our whiteboard concept in order to support all kinds of creative research, learning processes, and workflows. Our commitment is to offer our customers sustainable and optimized solutions (both analog and digital) for their creative rooms, that work.


Staffan Sahlén – CEO



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