Magnetic paint

Magnetic whiteboards can also be painted in different colors

Prime a wall with Wallrite Magnetic Paint. Let it dry according to the instructions. Then sand it lightly with a fine sandpaper. Paint over the black surface with the color you have selected for your Whiteboard. Finally, paint over it with White or Transparent Whiteboard paint. You now have a Magnetic Whiteboard. You can write and draw on it, as well as use magnets.

Magnetic Primer is unlike any other product on the market. The color is rich and has a high coverage area, insofar as it contains 50% iron. That’s also what makes your wall magnetic.

Magnetic paint make can also make your wall paper magnetic

Cover the wall with plain wallpaper or prime the wall and paint it in any color you want. You can then hang pictures, clippings, drawings, messages and even paintings simply with the help of magnets. No unsightly holes or marks in the wall. Magnetic paint is not visible through ordinary wallpaper.

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