We at Wallrite have a fitter team where everyone has solid knowledge and long experience of mounting the whiteboard wallpaper and painting with whiteboard paint on varying surfaces.

Mounting a Wallrite Whiteboard wallpaper is easy, for those who have knowledge of the nature of the material and the experience of how to assemble. We are committed to always achieving the best results. If the buyer intends to have his own installers mount the Wallrite Whiteboard wallpaper, a purchase of more than 3 meters is always included, showing how the installation goes and mounting of 1.5-3 meters.

Tjänster vi erbjuder till fast pris

Underarbeten som vi erbjuder till timpris

Är underlaget i behov av underarbeten utför vi även dessa. Eftersom behov av underarbeten kan variera debiterar vi för dessa med timpris.

En målad gipsvägg monterar vi Wallrite Whiteboardtapet direkt på.


  • Montage Fast pris 380 kr per kvm
  • Underarbeten Timpris 550 kr per timme
  • Servicebil debiteras alltid med 650 kr per resa

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