We at Wallrite have a fitter team where everyone has solid knowledge and long experience of mounting the whiteboard wallpaper and painting with whiteboard paint on varying surfaces.

Mounting a Wallrite Whiteboard wallpaper is easy, for those who have knowledge of the nature of the material and the experience of how to assemble. We are committed to always achieving the best results. If the buyer intends to have his own installers mount the Wallrite Whiteboard wallpaper, a purchase of more than 3 meters is always included, showing how the installation goes and mounting of 1.5-3 meters.

Services we offer at a fixed price

  • Mounting of Wallrite Whiteboard wallpaper
  • Paintings of Wallrite Whiteboard paint
  • Painting by Wallrite Magnet paint
  • Upholstery of Wallrite Magnetic wallpaper
  • Mounting of Wallrite Magnet mat for Wallrite Whiteboard wallpaper, fastening with magnetism
  • Installation, commissioning and training when purchasing Wallrite
  • Interactive wall

Sub-works we offer at hourly rates

If the substrate is in need of sub-works, we also perform these. As the need for sub-work can vary, we charge for these with hourly rates.

We apply a painted plaster wall directly to the Wallrite Whiteboard wallpaper.

Price categories

  • Mounting Fixed price SEK 380 per kvm
  • Sub-work Hourly rate SEK 550 per hour
  • Service car is always charged at SEK 650 per trip

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