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Whiteboard on a Roll


Whiteboard on a Roll is a smooth and easy product. A slim version of a classic whiteboard when it instead of a ready heavy hard board, is rolled, cut to the right length and then glued to the surface where it should be. On the wall, the door or on the window or anywhere else you need a whiteboard. You can choose between white glossy or white matte. You decide if you want a board with or without magnetic properties. To put them on the wall we have different alternatives, with super strong glue, self-adhesive or with magnetism. All of our matte whiteboard surfaces give you the ability to project, write and erase as you wish.

All technical information about Wallrite Whiteboard on a Roll you will find when you sign in at your account at SundaHus and BREEAM. We are proud, being able to offer Wallrite Whiteboard on a Roll, the most environmentally friendly Whiteboard on Roll available on the market.


Interactive Whiteboard


An interactive whiteboard works much in the same way as a regular whiteboard. The difference is that you are writing with digital whiteboard pens.

This whiteboard solution is designed to gather and spread ideas from more users to more users in different locations.

Today, we have beemers that create a touch-sensitive surface, and the possibilities of a touch whiteboard are endless. Let’s show you how it works instead. Give us a call or send us a message here.




With Whiteboard Paint the coating turns any surface into a whiteboard of any shape, size or color.

Wallrite offers only environmentally friendly products to our customers. Our Whiteboard Paint is also easy to apply and easy to clean.

Your wall becomes a working canvas with an environmentally friendly whiteboard paint product.

It is almost odourless, VOC free, and comes with a 10 year guarantee.
We look forward hearing from you!


Wallrite Accessories


Wallrite also provides our customers with everything you may need for your whiteboard surfaces. Complete user kits, whiteboard markers, whiteboard cleaners, microfiber cloths, and LED.

Welcome to contact us and place your order. We deliver fast and easy.


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