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Wallrite Magnetfärg

Magnetic Paint makes your surface magnetic

Start with painting the surface you need to be magnetic with Wallrite Magnet Paint. When it’s dry, you need to rub the surface so it becomes as fine as you need it to be, depending on what you want to do with the surface. A Magnetic Whiteboard needs a primer and then Whiteboard Paint, transparent or white. A wall or another surface such as a door, you also need a primer depends on the lightness of the color you have chosen.  If the wall is going to be covered with wallpaper, depends on how smooth you have made the surface, just follow the instructions for the wall covering you have chosen.  Now you have created your own magnetic surface. You must have in mind though, this magnetic paint is different from other paint products in the market. This paint is heavy because 50% of the paint is iron, that is what makes the surface magnetic.


Magnets made of Neodym are the strongest and the best choice

There are in different shapes, forms and sizes. You can order directly from us.

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