Wallrite Dry-erase Matte Silicone

Wallrite Dry-erase Matte Silicone

All our dry-erase whiteboard surfaces are environmentally Certified. The silicone-backing is the perfect choice for smaller and smooth surfaces such as glass and metal, and it also makes the dry-erase removable.

Product Price

Wallrite Dry-erase Matte Silicone 

Best environmental selection

We have developed our environmentally friendly Dry-erase products because we want to give our customers the opportunity to make a wise environmental decision. All our Wallrite Dry-erase whiteboard surfaces are certified according to BREEAM, BVB and SundaHus 

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Width & Length

Wallrite Dry-erase Matte Silicone Non-Magnetic is 120 cm wide.
In our shop, you can buy Dry-erase products from 0.5 meters up to your desired length.

Surface/front – Matte

The matte surface has the advantage that it can be projected onto. This surface is also magnetic and we recommend magnets of neodymium

Surface/Back – Silicone

We recommend the silicone backing for smaller and smooth surfaces such as glass and metal. If it is moved frequently, the surface may need to be cleaned of dust. The easiest way to do this is in lukewarm water and then let it air dry. For larger surfaces and for longer durability, we recommend Wallrite Dry-erase with non woven backing. Please read and download the Materials and Recommendations for more details.

Environment class and technical information

All technical information about Wallrite Dry-erase products is available from BVB and at SundaHus. More information on the Building Products Assessment & SundaHus can be found HERE.

Creative design

Wallrite has interior designers who are happy to provide design advice.

Materials and recommendations

Have questions about what length you need, or what type of product to choose? Please read and download the Materials and Recommendations information. Of course, we are happy to answer your questions directly – simply call, chat or email.

Shipping and delivery

We deliver within 5 working days.


Remove the protective film from the back and attach the product to a smooth and well-cleaned surface or glass pane. Do you want help with the assembly or dimensions or have other questions? Contact Us!

User guide

We recommend that you download our User Guide, print it out and then display it nearby once the product is mounted on the wall. Here are all the tips you need to take care of your Wallrite product.


Microfibre Cloth
For daily cleaning, use a Microfiber cloth. Has your Wallrite product not been cleaned in a long time? Moisten the cloth with a little water and rub if necessary.
AZOR Cleaning Fluid is antibacterial
If someone happened to write on it with a permanent marker, AZOR Cleaning fluid on the microfibre cloth can also help. If the surface is in use of more than one person, this antibacterial Cleaning fluid helps against the spread of viruses. Do not use any chemicals when cleaning, insofar as they can dissolve the surface and make it unusable.


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