The Karolinska Institute

For the past two years, Wallrite has delivered and installed whiteboard surfaces in varying lengths up to six meters in length, glued directly to the wall or mounted with magnetism.

Istanbul Living Lab

To make it possible to simplify collaborative processes and collaborative projects, Istanbul Living Lab has invested in four interactive whiteboards. These walls are used daily in different types of meetings and workshops.


After a long and thorough development process, Skanska chose to invest in 76st Interactive Whiteboards of varying lengths, which were then integrated into an advanced solution that included a video matrix from AMX.


Since the beginning of 2014, Daimler Innovation Center has a 10 m interactive wall and a 2 m table that can handle 40 simultaneous users, including moderators. The system handles 40 digital pens and thousands of digital forms.



Our Whiteboard solutions proved to fit nicely into the idea of ​​how Glömstaskolan would become a school at the forefront of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. Glömstaskolan is our first school project in Sweden but not the last.

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