The Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute, together with three architectural firms, has spent several years creating a design concept they call a “Future Learning Environment.” The Institute’s task was to find a dynamic interior design that supported both formal learning (which takes place in classrooms, lecture rooms, and auditoriums), and the informal learning that takes place in other areas where students reside (such as study rooms, cafeterias, and libraries).

The challenge of the project was finding a concept that was flexible enough to meet both current and future needs, given that many of the premises are up to 100 years old. Through Wallrite Scandnavia, Tengbom architects found the whiteboard solutions they needed. Wallrite has, over the past two years, delivered whiteboard surfaces in varying lengths up to six meters long, glued directly onto the wall or magnetically fitted. In addition to the standard surfaces, Karolinska Institute has also installed ten interactive walls.

The Customer

Karolinska Institutet

What we did

  • Interactive Walls various length 2 – 6 meter
  • EcoRite magnetic whiteboard surfaces
  • EraseRite magnetic whiteboard surfaces
  • Whiteline Link markers
  • EcoRite magnetic self adhesive installed on doors and table tops
  • Printed Whiteboard surfaces
  • Accessories
  • Installation

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