Daimler Innovation Center (InnoWerk) is the heart of Mercedes and Smart’s Research and Development department. As one of the most prominent automotive manufacturers in the world, Daimler conducts active workshop activities along with several brainstorming events each week. These usually take place in Boblingen, outside of Stuttgart, Germany. The size of the groups can vary from 10-40 people. Participants are divided into groups, and each person receives their own pen and pad of paper.

Daimler believes that a pen and paper are the most effective creative tools available to its employees; therefore, no computers or cell phones are allowed in the workshops.

In their quest to be the best, the people responsible for InnoWerk are constantly looking for new and better solutions to manage their events. For a long time, a digitized process to manage and compile all of the ideas generated during an event without dropping the “paper and pencil” feel has been high on their wish-list.

When they came across Wallrite and we-inspire, Daimler saw an opportunity to make this happen.

Since the beginning of 2014, Daimler Innovation Center has a 10 m interactive wall and a 2 m table that can handle 40 simultaneous users, including moderators. The system handles 40 digital pens and thousands of digital forms. The physical forms for the events are printed in-house by Daimler, using a customized print file from Wallrite.



What we did

Interactive wall 9 m

Interactive table 2 m

Custom made workshop software for 40 participants incl digital pens

Standard w-inspire software for interactive walls

Special digital forms and custom made printing file

EcoRite Whiteboard surface



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